I’m so behind with Blogs, so I thought I’d revisit the highlights.

December 2018 was exciting for me, attending the Epic Unreal engine event at the Excel centre in London. Up to this point, I’d just tried to figure it all out myself. As with “Shake” may years ago, I realised there is only so far you can learn something without expert assistance. This was laid on in bucket loads over these few days. workshops and amazing case studies opened my eyes to a vast array of possibilities this game engine can provide.

I met with many like minded professionals and hope to collaborate with them in the future.

For now I am using the software alongside Cinema 4D, to previs the next instalment of the Comic

A Lorient summer


August 2018

Heading to northern France this month for a second visit to the Lorient music festival. A week of intense filming, interspersed with sampling the best of Celtic food and drink, whats not to like? Exhausting work, but it has the advantage of working with some of the greatest musical talents from cultures spanning Wales to France to Canada. It’s like a music video bootcamp, theres not much time allowed to get each band filmed, as most of the participants are in such demand,, but that’s the daily challenge… funnily enough it all works out well in the end, once the music starts playing

Comics Summit

The First Comics Summit

The First Comics Summit

First off, a big thank you to Jon Lock and the team who made the first Comics Summit possible. It’s no mean feat to get any group organised and by definition, independent comic creators have to be one of the most diverse groups you can get.

My interest was mainly where to go next. I find myself in the typical situation of lifting my head from the technical detail of actually creating a comic and realising the work has only just begun!

Working with Dom Tsoi, a talented, patient illustrator and printer extraordinaire, Rich Hardiman, had been such fun, the idea of actually having to sell to customers seemed daunting.

Working through Etsy, websites and social media in general was yet another steep learning curve. Having had a run of events around the country, the questions raised were actually increasing with each week, so the Comics Summit had come at a very convenient time for me.

Like most creators, I find the Comic Con scene exhilarating, satisfying and exhausting in equal measure. The need to promote and sell, means that the brief time spent mixing with other creators is limited.

The Summit was a pleasant alternative gathering. In between sessions I managed chin wags with a few attendees, from new artists to expert panelists.

Only managing to attend the Sunday was frustrating, as I still haven’t managed to meet Rich Hardiman in person. I am yet to shake him by the hand and thank him for his guidance on my clumsy first print run. I was told he was there in person on Saturday, but I do have the strangest notion that he doesn’t actually exist on the same plane as the rest of us mortals.

There was plenty of content during the day, although I do feel the layout of panels in general can make it difficult to maintain concentration for such a long period. This is not to say I didn’t end up with a notebook full of info and inspiration, it’s an issue at any convention and I have no idea how else you could do it. Maybe in a circle on scatter cushions manipulating worry beads is an option? Expand and discuss.

The main focal point of Sunday was the idea of creating a guild or organisation of some kind. Once again, independent creators are so diverse, I think it will be very hard to pull something like this together. It’s always worth a try though. A website could initially be a hub that we could all benefit from and perhaps be a catalyst for something greater.

An interesting discovery on the day, was three other creators hailing from Wales. Typically I forgot to make a note of who they were, but if you are reading this, drop me a line and we can grab a beer.

So sign me up for next year, by which time the jungle drums should have spread the word and we will need a stadium venue to house you all!

Laters, Trev

P.S. The team that worked so hard to make the Summit happen

@louiemma @alicewhite1988 @nichangell @ElizabethThatch @submarinecoat @NedNewberry @cpray86


June Travels

Bonkers month. visiting the Athena venue in Leicester was the highlight. A brilliant venue, a warm welcome and we were looked after really well all weekend. Definatly our favourite Comic Con of all time!

Leicester Comic Con Athena venue. The Mystery machine and the Back to the future Deloreon

Leicester Comic Con Athena venue. The Mystery machine and the Back to the future Deloreon

Dom dealing with a demanding customer!

Dom dealing with a demanding customer!

Leicester Comic Con Venue, The Athena

Leicester Comic Con Venue, The Athena

Anguis the Dragon Patch.jpg

Anguis the Dragon patch

Crazy May

London Mint Spitfire

London Mint Spitfire

Finally finished the latest London Mint commercial graphics. Recreating a Sopwith Camel, Spitfire, Harrier jump jet and an F35 took quite a bit of processing power and every bit of software I have!

Dom geared up for onslaught

Dom geared up for onslaught

May kicked off in Swansea for a brilliant Comic Con. It was our first time down west and the guys were really welcoming. The sun brought out the crowds and there was even heavy rock on stage!

Meanwhile, one week later, we were back at Cardiff Comic Con for our second outing with Showmasters massive Comic Con over two days. We met some old friends and some new members who joined us on the Myth of the K'init journey. Thanks to all that came and visited us.

Leicester next!


April short

Made in 48 hours for the SCI-FI-LONDON 48 Hour Challenge. Starring Aled Thomas Davies, Zoe Jenkins, Tom Hanratty and Ffion Rhys-Jones. Music by Dave Hilowitz.

Had great fun working with editor extrodinare Dave Peate, in Director mode this month, on our second bash at the 48 film challenge.

Aislesbury Square, written by Clare Peate, is a rather unusual relationship tale which features a portal in a new apartment. Socks also feature prominently.

Having to shoot everything in such a tight window, let alone the writing and editing within the remaining time, should be an intense experience. Luckily we have all done this before and the actors were totally on board, so we had a great laugh.

Perfectly Flawed

Paddy James new Album Animated Promo: Album artwork Dom Tsoi

Had a blast animating an album cover for Paddy James this week. Illustrated by the one and only Dom Tsoi, Its a brilliant image of a tall ship crossing rough seas. Seemed a good idea at the time, however I hadn't thought through the work involved cutting the bloody thing out!

Still, lesson learnt and it's a great track that deserves a bit of love.

Hope the album does well

Welsh Food Heroes!

Nerys in action

Nerys in action

Filming for the second block of Welsh Food Heroes. Specially for St.Davids day, we've got the classic recipes in hand. Feeling a little overweight after "helping" to eat the produce.

February 2018

OK True believers comic Con Cheltenhem

OK True believers comic Con Cheltenhem

Our first Comic Con of the year, OKtruebelievers in Cheltenham is such a great indie festival. It was refreshing to be amongst such talented comic creators and not overwhelmed by stores.

Lessons learned around stand layout, so off to the workshop, planning for the next show in May!

Dom    raring to go! The new Myth of the Kinti popup on display

Dom raring to go! The new Myth of the Kinti popup on display

January 2018

The new Logo for Myth of the K'inti

The new Logo for Myth of the K'inti

Comic Con time!

Off to True Believers Comic Festival on the 3rd February. First festival of the year.

Got a new logo, some new posters, a Zine and a snazzy Popup so you can find us. It's kicking off!

Looking forward to meeting new comic creators and organisers. Even got a clever device to take payment from cards to save lugging cash around! 

October 2017

London Mint CK Filming

London Mint CK Filming

The day of the Red Sun!

Whilst all looked skyward at an extremely unusual sky, tinged orange by sand from distant desserts, I and the trusty team saddled up the Utah, headed for London.

Filming for the jolly nice London Mint team, we rigged our enormous portable greenscreen studio in the most elaborate location to date.

Dripping in luxury and sporting two chandeliers a bed and a dressing table covered in jewellery, the location house playied host to us in style.

The everso lovely Jenny Bond was set to film for two hours, but being a consummate professional, we were wrapped in record time. What a joy!

December 2018

Shoebox Animation

Shoebox Animation Work in progress

Shoebox Animation Work in progress

So I needed to start promoting my comic book, “Myth of the K’inti”.

I’ve made posters, I’ve sent Instagram images, I started Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, but I need more off the wall ideas to get some interest, I thought  animation might attract some.

It seemed like a nice quick easy thing to do... It started well, just use cutouts maybe, do it all in Apple Motion, simple 3-D camera moves, bit of smoke maybe. Then I thought why not do it for real!

Two weeks later, two sets of sharp blades blunted and dozens of sheets of foam card, I get to create the shoebox animation.

The idea is to get a simple shoebox that magically turns into a theatre. Travelling through the box reveals the World of my comic book and we just track through it, ending with the eyes graphic that I use on the comic promos.

It took quite a while, but went reasonably welL, but then I realised that you couldn’t tell it was a shoebox.

A new section, creating a whole new scene involving Dom, who graciously agreed to step in and be the character who throws the box on the table and then watches it transform. Considering Greenscreen filming is something that I do for a living, you would think that would’ve been the easy part, however, as is often the way when you just create stuff on a whim, common sense goes out of the window. My first mistake was not considering what was on the desk on the second pass, so it took quite some time and Black Magic Fusion to Rotoscope the box and the extra pieces that were doubling up in the shot. Still it works very well and I’m reasonably pleased with it. Let me know what you think.

Comics away!

Book one & two Myth of the Kinti

Book one & two Myth of the Kinti

It took a while, but creating a comic book with just two people is quite a task.

Dom has pulled out all the stops this time and the story kicks off with new drawing styles for each section of Myth of the K'inti: Timo Part 2.

We have created a cover for Part two, which aligns with Part one to create a continuous image. Eventually all five books will create one huge poster. Well thats the plan anyway!

Comixology are reviewing part two, so it can join it's other half in the virtual world.

2017 kicks off

The Christmas cyberman

The Christmas cyberman

I was intending to be so efficient and complete a section every month. Well that didn't happen!

the time does rather fly by. The end of the year up to the present, i've been shooting the usual mix of content with my adorable clients. A title sequence for 35 days, the S4C mystery filled drama, an effects motion control shot for Stella, and in depth interviews with the always delightful Aled Jones.

I have gravitated towards stop frame animation following a commercial for OSP / Gocompare. Wanting to experiment more, I worked again with BBC promos to trial an idea for christmas bumpers, featuring a Cyberman and a casualty ambulance on a feastive dining table. Bizzare, but good fun.

this month is devoted to generating a hybrid animation style for a new client, and working on part two of my comic book, "Myth of the K'inti". Check out youtube and instagram for updates.

Cardiff Comic Con 2016

Dom setting up the display

Dom setting up the display

Thanks to all the people who swung by the stand at Cardiff Comic Con 2016 this year.

It's great to meet you all. If you were one of those lovely chaps who purchased a copy, thanks so much! Do drop me a line and let me know what you think.

Part two is in the works. check back February next year and I will keep you in the loop for it's release.

Comic Con Adventure

Comic Con 2016 San Diego

Comic Con 2016 San Diego

What a laugh Comic Con 2016 was. You have to get used to queuing though. It started with a two hour stint to not get a ticket to the IMAX Star Trek. Worth a try though.

San Diego was such a chilled friendly environment, embracing the eclectic bunch which descended on it for a week of mayhem. The place is massive. I attempted a planned approach. That lasted about an hour. What followed was two days of darting from room to room, catching as much as I could.

It was great meeting publishers and fans to share thoughts and ideas with. The comic was handed out here and there, so I hope to get some feedback from the readers in the future.

On my return to London, I popped by Orbit comics and left a copy of "Myth of the Kinti; Timo" part One with them. Hopefully they will share it around and help spread the World.

Finally I also handed a copy of the comic to Gosh comics and hope it may fit in somewhere within their catalogue in the future.

Part Two well on the way!

The Comic goes on sale!

Timo steps out into the World of the Comic book!

Timo steps out into the World of the Comic book!

At last, my comic, Myth of the K'inti; Timo, goes on sale as a full colour comic book and as a Kindle book.

All very exciting and so new to me that it is a bit daunting. Every step of creating this comic has been eye opening.

Still wrestling with Comixology formats and the Apple store ibooks site doesn't appear to recognise my banks existence in Penarth, so struggling at the first hurdle here. Who'd have thought the IRS were in involved in a selling a comic as well? Turns out a rather baffling form requires filling in for everyone to prove you are a resident in the UK. The passport and the home address should be a clue. But that's much to easy.

Onwards to Comic Con in San Diego next week to get up to speed on the whole Comic thing and to see if I am on the right track. Hoping to meet as many readers as possible to spread the word.

Spread the word it's July

Life is a varied as ever. July kicked off in Bangor, North Wales, in it's beautiful cathedral.

A scramble ensued with Orchard to assemble multiple cameras, rig and light the whole thing before Aled Jones arrived for the evening performance. Being the last night of a massive tour and it being his home venue, Aled pulled out all the stops and the show was packed out.

The new animation rig is being pressed into action for OSP, for a series of stop frame animation sequences. Using the Dragonframe software, purchased from Animationtoolkit has made the job a whole lot easier for crew and client, especially being able to view progress in real time. All great fun. More info to come.

Saturday was the homecoming for the Wales football team and I was lined up in the press pen to welcome them back at the Cardiff Castle event, filming for Orchard, destined for the lovely chaps at Visit Wales as part of their year of adventure.

The sun shone and we all basked in the glory... although, not being that clued up on the sport, I was a little baffled by the whole thing. Lovely Lemon drizzle cake at Pettigrew's though, which helped the crew along! Poor Mirella had many more hours to put the thing together. What a trouper!

Trev, Mirella & some enthusiastic supporters



June in the Attic

Soo. Print has been pressed for the first part of my new Comic Book, "Myth of the K'inti: Timo".

Originally a short story called Timo, I have started to create a much larger story. The name now covers the origins of a strange young Boy called Timo and his mythical World.

Rich Hardiman at comicprintinguk.com, has been really great helping me through this technical process. The whole printing venture is very new to me and I am learning something new at every turn.

Twiddly thumbs and excited to see the hard copy drop through the letter box!

Filming for Raold Dahl finished and off to post production at Orchard. Ruth Jones, Jamie Roberts & Alex Jones from the One Show were amongst the Celebs reading for the show. What a lovely bunch they all were as well.

The Utah truck survived a near scrape in a London underground car park with a ludicrously low ceiling height. Thank heavens for the slimline Isuzu. A VW transporter would never have made it!