Where to start? So its 2016 and I thought it was about time I actually got the website rebuilt. It's possibly the only time you ever get to rethink what its all about. The rest of the year there always seems to be something occurring to distract everybody. Although I have produced various types of videos and directed a couple of programmes over the years, its really content creation thats always been my thing. Its always engrossing trying to make someones vision come to life, whether its filming, editing or post production, or all these elements. There never seems to be one solution for each new job. Every day a new challenge emerges and thats just how I like it.

Last year found me trying to light and shoot very large locations with a tight crew and schedule, for the Only Boys Aloud documentary music items and interview setups transmitted on Christmas day for S4C with the lovely chaps at Orchard TV (

OSP Healthcare ( was commissioned to deliver a fascinating programme showing how samples from an infected wound and abscess are taken and then analysed in a microbiology laboratory. Some incredible prosthetics, make-up and a range of techniques were used to follow the process over the few days that it takes to produce the results. A Borescope was brought in for some extreme close-ups of Petri dishes. We decided to use the 4K option on the Sony F5, so that we are able to zoom even closer in post for some brilliant detail shots. We also used the new Osmo gimbal camera to try out this new device — and was really impressed by the output. It did rather distract us for a while however. Once you start running up and down corridors, you just can't stop. It’s such fun — as is a Petri dish full of MRSA!

Meanwhilst.. Over the last few months I have been working with talented up and coming artist Dom Tsoi ( on a graphic novel (or comic, still not sure what to call it). Its still under wraps, but it will have its own page soon so watch out.

I've got the paints out now, so it could get messy for the new year!