June in the Attic

Soo. Print has been pressed for the first part of my new Comic Book, "Myth of the K'inti: Timo".

Originally a short story called Timo, I have started to create a much larger story. The name now covers the origins of a strange young Boy called Timo and his mythical World.

Rich Hardiman at comicprintinguk.com, has been really great helping me through this technical process. The whole printing venture is very new to me and I am learning something new at every turn.

Twiddly thumbs and excited to see the hard copy drop through the letter box!

Filming for Raold Dahl finished and off to post production at Orchard. Ruth Jones, Jamie Roberts & Alex Jones from the One Show were amongst the Celebs reading for the show. What a lovely bunch they all were as well.

The Utah truck survived a near scrape in a London underground car park with a ludicrously low ceiling height. Thank heavens for the slimline Isuzu. A VW transporter would never have made it!