2017 kicks off

The Christmas cyberman

The Christmas cyberman

I was intending to be so efficient and complete a section every month. Well that didn't happen!

the time does rather fly by. The end of the year up to the present, i've been shooting the usual mix of content with my adorable clients. A title sequence for 35 days, the S4C mystery filled drama, an effects motion control shot for Stella, and in depth interviews with the always delightful Aled Jones.

I have gravitated towards stop frame animation following a commercial for OSP / Gocompare. Wanting to experiment more, I worked again with BBC promos to trial an idea for christmas bumpers, featuring a Cyberman and a casualty ambulance on a feastive dining table. Bizzare, but good fun.

this month is devoted to generating a hybrid animation style for a new client, and working on part two of my comic book, "Myth of the K'inti". Check out youtube and instagram for updates.