Comics Summit

The First Comics Summit

The First Comics Summit

First off, a big thank you to Jon Lock and the team who made the first Comics Summit possible. It’s no mean feat to get any group organised and by definition, independent comic creators have to be one of the most diverse groups you can get.

My interest was mainly where to go next. I find myself in the typical situation of lifting my head from the technical detail of actually creating a comic and realising the work has only just begun!

Working with Dom Tsoi, a talented, patient illustrator and printer extraordinaire, Rich Hardiman, had been such fun, the idea of actually having to sell to customers seemed daunting.

Working through Etsy, websites and social media in general was yet another steep learning curve. Having had a run of events around the country, the questions raised were actually increasing with each week, so the Comics Summit had come at a very convenient time for me.

Like most creators, I find the Comic Con scene exhilarating, satisfying and exhausting in equal measure. The need to promote and sell, means that the brief time spent mixing with other creators is limited.

The Summit was a pleasant alternative gathering. In between sessions I managed chin wags with a few attendees, from new artists to expert panelists.

Only managing to attend the Sunday was frustrating, as I still haven’t managed to meet Rich Hardiman in person. I am yet to shake him by the hand and thank him for his guidance on my clumsy first print run. I was told he was there in person on Saturday, but I do have the strangest notion that he doesn’t actually exist on the same plane as the rest of us mortals.

There was plenty of content during the day, although I do feel the layout of panels in general can make it difficult to maintain concentration for such a long period. This is not to say I didn’t end up with a notebook full of info and inspiration, it’s an issue at any convention and I have no idea how else you could do it. Maybe in a circle on scatter cushions manipulating worry beads is an option? Expand and discuss.

The main focal point of Sunday was the idea of creating a guild or organisation of some kind. Once again, independent creators are so diverse, I think it will be very hard to pull something like this together. It’s always worth a try though. A website could initially be a hub that we could all benefit from and perhaps be a catalyst for something greater.

An interesting discovery on the day, was three other creators hailing from Wales. Typically I forgot to make a note of who they were, but if you are reading this, drop me a line and we can grab a beer.

So sign me up for next year, by which time the jungle drums should have spread the word and we will need a stadium venue to house you all!

Laters, Trev

P.S. The team that worked so hard to make the Summit happen

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