Welsh Food Heroes!

Nerys in action

Nerys in action

Filming for the second block of Welsh Food Heroes. Specially for St.Davids day, we've got the classic recipes in hand. Feeling a little overweight after "helping" to eat the produce.

October 2017

London Mint CK Filming

London Mint CK Filming

The day of the Red Sun!

Whilst all looked skyward at an extremely unusual sky, tinged orange by sand from distant desserts, I and the trusty team saddled up the Utah, headed for London.

Filming for the jolly nice London Mint team, we rigged our enormous portable greenscreen studio in the most elaborate location to date.

Dripping in luxury and sporting two chandeliers a bed and a dressing table covered in jewellery, the location house playied host to us in style.

The everso lovely Jenny Bond was set to film for two hours, but being a consummate professional, we were wrapped in record time. What a joy!

December 2018

Shoebox Animation

Shoebox Animation Work in progress

Shoebox Animation Work in progress

So I needed to start promoting my comic book, “Myth of the K’inti”.

I’ve made posters, I’ve sent Instagram images, I started Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, but I need more off the wall ideas to get some interest, I thought  animation might attract some.

It seemed like a nice quick easy thing to do... It started well, just use cutouts maybe, do it all in Apple Motion, simple 3-D camera moves, bit of smoke maybe. Then I thought why not do it for real!

Two weeks later, two sets of sharp blades blunted and dozens of sheets of foam card, I get to create the shoebox animation.

The idea is to get a simple shoebox that magically turns into a theatre. Travelling through the box reveals the World of my comic book and we just track through it, ending with the eyes graphic that I use on the comic promos.

It took quite a while, but went reasonably welL, but then I realised that you couldn’t tell it was a shoebox.

A new section, creating a whole new scene involving Dom, who graciously agreed to step in and be the character who throws the box on the table and then watches it transform. Considering Greenscreen filming is something that I do for a living, you would think that would’ve been the easy part, however, as is often the way when you just create stuff on a whim, common sense goes out of the window. My first mistake was not considering what was on the desk on the second pass, so it took quite some time and Black Magic Fusion to Rotoscope the box and the extra pieces that were doubling up in the shot. Still it works very well and I’m reasonably pleased with it. Let me know what you think.

Comic Con Adventure

Comic Con 2016 San Diego

Comic Con 2016 San Diego

What a laugh Comic Con 2016 was. You have to get used to queuing though. It started with a two hour stint to not get a ticket to the IMAX Star Trek. Worth a try though.

San Diego was such a chilled friendly environment, embracing the eclectic bunch which descended on it for a week of mayhem. The place is massive. I attempted a planned approach. That lasted about an hour. What followed was two days of darting from room to room, catching as much as I could.

It was great meeting publishers and fans to share thoughts and ideas with. The comic was handed out here and there, so I hope to get some feedback from the readers in the future.

On my return to London, I popped by Orbit comics and left a copy of "Myth of the Kinti; Timo" part One with them. Hopefully they will share it around and help spread the World.

Finally I also handed a copy of the comic to Gosh comics and hope it may fit in somewhere within their catalogue in the future.

Part Two well on the way!