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Book one & two Myth of the Kinti

Book one & two Myth of the Kinti

It took a while, but creating a comic book with just two people is quite a task.

Dom has pulled out all the stops this time and the story kicks off with new drawing styles for each section of Myth of the K'inti: Timo Part 2.

We have created a cover for Part two, which aligns with Part one to create a continuous image. Eventually all five books will create one huge poster. Well thats the plan anyway!

Comixology are reviewing part two, so it can join it's other half in the virtual world.

Cardiff Comic Con 2016

Dom setting up the display

Dom setting up the display

Thanks to all the people who swung by the stand at Cardiff Comic Con 2016 this year.

It's great to meet you all. If you were one of those lovely chaps who purchased a copy, thanks so much! Do drop me a line and let me know what you think.

Part two is in the works. check back February next year and I will keep you in the loop for it's release.

Comic Con Adventure

Comic Con 2016 San Diego

Comic Con 2016 San Diego

What a laugh Comic Con 2016 was. You have to get used to queuing though. It started with a two hour stint to not get a ticket to the IMAX Star Trek. Worth a try though.

San Diego was such a chilled friendly environment, embracing the eclectic bunch which descended on it for a week of mayhem. The place is massive. I attempted a planned approach. That lasted about an hour. What followed was two days of darting from room to room, catching as much as I could.

It was great meeting publishers and fans to share thoughts and ideas with. The comic was handed out here and there, so I hope to get some feedback from the readers in the future.

On my return to London, I popped by Orbit comics and left a copy of "Myth of the Kinti; Timo" part One with them. Hopefully they will share it around and help spread the World.

Finally I also handed a copy of the comic to Gosh comics and hope it may fit in somewhere within their catalogue in the future.

Part Two well on the way!

March on

Where did March go then? It's been full on with the comic this month. Just the colouring to finish. The printers are next on the list. (Take a look)

Rogue Jones

Just got a copy of the latest Rogue Jones Album, I shot the cover photo which was integrated into the Album artwork. Great CD. Get hold of one at

We got a real soaking in Cardiff whilst filming the Cardiff Marathon with Orchard Media. 25 thousand crazy runners spread out over the City and around the Bay.

Eldest boy and his partner were in the thick of it and I accidentally captured them as they flew past me. As the F5 was running at 60fps, the camera saw them, but I was blissfully unaware until the replay!

Still smiling through the deluge!

February chill

So the graphic novel / comic is on track, the crayons are out and I am booking the flights for San Diego comic con to see if anyone likes it, assuming I can get it printed in time.

After filming and grading performances by the talented song writer Harry Philips in January, I pottered over to Nashville with the cool dudes from Coolhead Productions to shoot Deep Purple recording their new album. It is a real privilege to be tolerated in the rehearsal space and then (on the second trip out a week later!) in the amazing recording studio, The Tracking Rooms (

We were well looked after and got a real insight into how the massive sound is created, working alongside talent that has been involved with some of the classic albums of our time.

Although some tracks are added to and refined, the main thrust of the tracks are performed as a group. It's rather odd filming with everyone else wearing headphones, Its so quiet until you listen in the control room and your ears are blown off!

Used the new prime lens sets for the whole shoot as there was little to no light on location. What a life saver. Working at f1.5 everyday is pretty challenging but the Sony F5 worked its magic for some good clean images. If only we could get some full resolution viewfinders for our £3,000!


The "Sick t" hoody ( was shown off in music city. I really should be on commission!