Welsh Food Heroes!

Nerys in action

Nerys in action

Filming for the second block of Welsh Food Heroes. Specially for St.Davids day, we've got the classic recipes in hand. Feeling a little overweight after "helping" to eat the produce.

Spread the word it's July

Life is a varied as ever. July kicked off in Bangor, North Wales, in it's beautiful cathedral.

A scramble ensued with Orchard to assemble multiple cameras, rig and light the whole thing before Aled Jones arrived for the evening performance. Being the last night of a massive tour and it being his home venue, Aled pulled out all the stops and the show was packed out.

The new animation rig is being pressed into action for OSP, for a series of stop frame animation sequences. Using the Dragonframe software, purchased from Animationtoolkit has made the job a whole lot easier for crew and client, especially being able to view progress in real time. All great fun. More info to come.

Saturday was the homecoming for the Wales football team and I was lined up in the press pen to welcome them back at the Cardiff Castle event, filming for Orchard, destined for the lovely chaps at Visit Wales as part of their year of adventure.

The sun shone and we all basked in the glory... although, not being that clued up on the sport, I was a little baffled by the whole thing. Lovely Lemon drizzle cake at Pettigrew's though, which helped the crew along! Poor Mirella had many more hours to put the thing together. What a trouper!

Trev, Mirella & some enthusiastic supporters