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Follow the Myth: Part two released 17th August 2017.

Myth of the K'inti Part two
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Dom Tsoi, a talented local artist, was engaged to visualise a story which has been in the making for many years...

The process of creating a Comic Book is a steep learning curve. Each step seems to involve a whole new mindset. But it's great fun trying.

Timo Sketch

Over half the lifetime of my kids, I have been creating a magical world featuring a strange lad called Timo. To give you an idea of how long it has taken, originally his name was Nemo, then Pixar went and spoiled it all. Armed with a new title, his World grew ever larger in my head, but I was really keen to get this part of his story made as a short film.

Meeting up with Bethan Davies, seasoned author and screenwriter, Timo actually got pinned down and streamlined into the story it is now. As a sensitive story editor, Bethan worked through the text so that the characters and narrative remained, but the flow worked in a more focussed way. It was brilliant to give it the polish it needed to go forward.

Despite workshopping the screenplay, the idea of a short film was always being put on hold, as work commitments constantly got in the way.

Tired of waiting to produce a BAFTA winner, I rethought the storyboard as a Comic book and that is where we are now. Grabbing Dom Tsoi, a talented fine artist hot foot from university, I decided to get this thing done. Since September 2015 we have worked through the story and learnt how to make a comic!

Every page goes through a series of steps. I create a rough outline of how the frame appears in my head and Dom has the tricky task of interpreting it into one of his rough sketches. We hone it down still further until a final line drawing appears. When it's all good to go, Dom inks the final page and I  scan it at very high resolution (thanks to Katie and the lovely chaps at OSP Productions in Chepstow) so it's ready for Photoshop. Next shading and colour are added, which is an entire art in itself.

Even the speech bubbles turned out to be far more complex than I thought. Hand lettering was not an option, but the Comic Sans on the Mac was dreadful. I turned to purchasing a custom Comic lettering font, named after the legendary artist Dave Gibbons and suddenly it's looking cool.

Printing will be next. I am scanning the horizon for a company that can make Timo a reality, watch this space....

It takes quite a while and much gesticluating before it looks just so.

Myth of the K'inti: Timo. Book one, Part one of a series of comic books. High quality full colour print version ON SALE NOW & at the Kindle Store

Myth of the K'inti: Timo. Book one, Part one of a series of comic books. High quality full colour print version ON SALE NOW & at the Kindle Store